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How to choose gardening equipment and tools

Our Guides are there to help you narrow down what you need to keep on gardening. Some of the subjects cross over so may be linked from one to another as they are added.

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It can be tiring wading through the wide range of products available today. With so many different models and brand names, finding the right gardening equipment and tools can become confusing.

Keep it simple by following the hints and tips that can help to find the right tools for you and help avoid expensive mistakes.

The selection of tools can be approached from different angles or perspectives:

  • Choose by the disabilty you have
  • Choose by the Job you want to do

The Disabilities or needs covered if you want to Garden with:

  • Weak Legs – Gardening from a Wheelchair or While Sitting
  • Sight Loss
  • Weak Grip
  • One Hand
  • After a Stroke or with Heart Disease
  • Bending is Difficult

The Gardening Jobs:

These can be found in the side Menu and we will cover the subjects as products are added.

General Subjects:

  • Preparation Tips
  • Helping someone else to set everything up (Set-up)
  • Garden Design

Whatever the handicap, we hope to help you find products and ideas that can enable people with physical challenges to continue gardening.