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We aim to Help with choosing gardening equipment and tools, improving the design of the garden and making life easier and more enjoyable for people who have lost ability in some way.

The Disabled Gardening website has categories to help Identify Your Needs and lists solutions and products that relate to those needs.

It can be daunting when faced with the prospect of leading a life hampered with physical disability.

For those who love the rewards that growing plants bring, gardening is an essential activity full of drama and excitement. Gardens are a delight and a therapy, even for the people who have had no hand in making them.

Each one of us is affected by disability, either permanently or temporarily. I read that 1 in 5 of us are affected in some way, and if it isn’t you, then you are likely to know someone who has lost some strength due to illness, accident or the passage of time.

And this can mean the loss of so many activities including gardening – but the gardening doesn’t have to stop. It may be necessary to make changes in the way you garden or in the design of the garden – perhaps even both. These could be major changes, minor adjustments or simply finding a way to sit as you work.

You may be surprised to find you can carry on gardening and this depends on discovering the abilities you have, rather than focussing on those that have been lost.

Able bodied friends and relations want to help, but they need guidance to find the best ways of doing so. Helping is not only doing something FOR someone. Often the most enduring help you can give is something that will enable a person to do something for themselves.

As well as looking at specialist garden tools, we will look at Garden design and the ways to make access and activity in the garden easier. Our products may enable you to make those changes in your garden.

There are many ways to keep gardening and carry on.

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