Vertical planting in a small space – Easy to reach

Living Wall Planter


Living Wall PlanterSome of us don’t have much space to garden but want to enjoy watching things grow. A Living Wall Planter could be a great way to have the best show without too much effort.

Once it is set up there’s no more wrestling with tools and sacks of soil until the end of the season, and with clever planting youcan have a succession of plants.

You might prefer to make a bold statementwith a brightly flowering plant or, like this photo (belonging to the exerpt below), grow fruit and veg which is both decorative and tasty!



It’s Earth Day, and that means you should probably assess what you can do to make the world around you a bit greener. Maybe that means using less water, maybe it means using mass transportation (or carpooling) a little more, but whatever you do, do something. Maybe you could plant a few more herbs and veggies in or around your home, which will go a long way towards reducing your reliance on grocery store fare.

If that sounds like a good idea, let me point you towards Woolly Pocket’s Living Wall Planter 2. It’s ideal for vertical gardening, as it has a compact shape that’s easier to hold, lift and hang. An integrated watering well keeps plants watered for up to two weeks and the front and back sides are vented so that roots can breathe. The Wall Planter can live indoors or out, as there’s no need for drainage. And, if your thumb is definitely not green (or you’re flush with cash), consider the Woolly School Garden 2 for your local school (see below).

Living Wall Planter 2 – Four Pack, $59.99

Planter Dimensions: 8” H x 11.75” W x 7” D

-Soil Volume: 0.25 cubic feet
-Plant Capacity: (2) 6” plants & (1) 8” plant
-Max weight: 30 lbs

Living Wall Planter 2

Woolly School Garden 2

The Woolly School Garden 2 ($499) includes everything a school would need to make an outdoor garden classroom. It includes 50 Living wall Planter 2s, instructions, template, universal fasteners, zip ties, and Woolly School Garden curriculum. An automatic drip irrigation kit is optional ($150).

via: Living Wall Planter 2

Just like in our homes, one of the best ways to maximize space in a garden is to think vertically. While it can have its challenges, when executed properly vertical gardening can allow you to grow more vegetables, create a canopy of shade, or even provide you with a stunning focal point. via: The Best of Vertical Gardening: Inspiration, DIY, & Resources